Nov 17, 2014

Collaborative production

Collaborative production, where people have to coordinate with one another to get anyhing done, is considetably harder then simple sharing, but the results can be more profound. New tools allow large groups to collaborate, by taking advantage of nonfinancial motivations and by allowing for wildly differing levels of contribution.

 Clay Shirky in Here comes everybody

What motivates us

We are used to a world where little thigs happen for love and big things happen for money. Love motivates people to bake a cake and money motivates people to make an encyclopedia. Now, though, we can do big things for love.
Clay Shirky in Here comes everybody

Sep 3, 2014

Democracy = collective problem solving?

"Why shouldn't democracy be a matter of collective problem solving? We might have very different ideas about what life is ultimately about, but it's perfectly apparent that human beings on this planet share a large number of common problems [...] that we would do well to work together to try to solve. Everyone seems to agree that in principle it would be better to do this democratically, in a spirit of equality and reasonable deliberation. Why does the idea that we might actually do so seem like such a utopian pipe dream?
  Perhaps instead of asking what the best political system is that our current social order could support, we should be asking, What social arrangements would be necessary in order for us to have a genuine, participatory, democratic system that could dedicate itself to solving collective problems?"

- David Graeber in The Democracy Project

Aug 21, 2014

Team for hire

Effective software team with broad skill set and passion for collective intelligence. Available now!

We are a social enterprise from Sweden started in February 2014 around the problems of solving the quality issues of online dialogue.

Our two main clients are two progressive political organizations in Sweden and Denmark. We have been helping them implement their digital strategy and modifying Loomio to suit their needs.
- Initiativ Samutveckling (
- Alternativet (

We have built a strong team with abilities to bring an organization from idea to action, now looking for assignments to broaden our client base and continue to work as a team.

We can do:
- Digital strategies for idea driven organizations

- Software and web projects e.g.
Content Management Systems
Full featured web applications in Ruby or Nodejs
Responsive sites in HTML5

- Loomio installations, features & customizations

The core team consists of two developers, a graphic designer and communicator and an agile coach. We are experienced in web & system development, branding, visual communication and interface design.

The team gathered in Lund in south of Sweden - and on Hangouts from Brazil.

How we work
We use Agile methodology with fast iterative development in a tight high performing team.
We focus on state management and continuously evolving the skills of our team members.

Hire us!
Working with us is dynamic, prosperous and fun!:) We are ready for new assignments for the next three months.
Get in contact:

Back from vacations

Hello readers!

After a hectic last sprint in the beginning of July, the entire team have had a long, well deserved summer vacation. We're finally back and ready to go again :)

This is our Almedalen demo site, that we did in collaboration with Initiativ Samutveckling:

Preparation for the meetings held at a school yard in Almedalen in July

We're continuing or collaboration with Alternativet and are ready for new challanges.

Jun 24, 2014



We're building the plane while flying. Every minute counts, but I'd still like to share a few sentences from Integral Life Practice chapter about Ethics:

Am I responsible for the behaviour of the organization for which I work? For the institution I belong to? My community? My culture at large? My nation?
  Clearly, I have less and less ability to personally determine the behaviour or larger and larger groups. And yet, these groups have no locus of responsibility other than their individual members. If I have no responsibility, then neither does anyone else. That doesn't fly. No way around it, we each do have some real and crucial responsibility.

Think about the possibility to engage in your different organization. And how you can activate the other participants. How can you bring forward the best ideas, and make the most democratic and well-informed decisions?