Nov 17, 2014

Collaborative production

Collaborative production, where people have to coordinate with one another to get anyhing done, is considetably harder then simple sharing, but the results can be more profound. New tools allow large groups to collaborate, by taking advantage of nonfinancial motivations and by allowing for wildly differing levels of contribution.

 Clay Shirky in Here comes everybody

What motivates us

We are used to a world where little thigs happen for love and big things happen for money. Love motivates people to bake a cake and money motivates people to make an encyclopedia. Now, though, we can do big things for love.
Clay Shirky in Here comes everybody

Sep 3, 2014

Democracy = collective problem solving?

"Why shouldn't democracy be a matter of collective problem solving? We might have very different ideas about what life is ultimately about, but it's perfectly apparent that human beings on this planet share a large number of common problems [...] that we would do well to work together to try to solve. Everyone seems to agree that in principle it would be better to do this democratically, in a spirit of equality and reasonable deliberation. Why does the idea that we might actually do so seem like such a utopian pipe dream?
  Perhaps instead of asking what the best political system is that our current social order could support, we should be asking, What social arrangements would be necessary in order for us to have a genuine, participatory, democratic system that could dedicate itself to solving collective problems?"

- David Graeber in The Democracy Project

Aug 21, 2014

Team for hire

Effective software team with broad skill set and passion for collective intelligence. Available now!

We are a social enterprise from Sweden started in February 2014 around the problems of solving the quality issues of online dialogue.

Our two main clients are two progressive political organizations in Sweden and Denmark. We have been helping them implement their digital strategy and modifying Loomio to suit their needs.
- Initiativ Samutveckling (
- Alternativet (

We have built a strong team with abilities to bring an organization from idea to action, now looking for assignments to broaden our client base and continue to work as a team.

We can do:
- Digital strategies for idea driven organizations

- Software and web projects e.g.
Content Management Systems
Full featured web applications in Ruby or Nodejs
Responsive sites in HTML5

- Loomio installations, features & customizations

The core team consists of two developers, a graphic designer and communicator and an agile coach. We are experienced in web & system development, branding, visual communication and interface design.

The team gathered in Lund in south of Sweden - and on Hangouts from Brazil.

How we work
We use Agile methodology with fast iterative development in a tight high performing team.
We focus on state management and continuously evolving the skills of our team members.

Hire us!
Working with us is dynamic, prosperous and fun!:) We are ready for new assignments for the next three months.
Get in contact:

Back from vacations

Hello readers!

After a hectic last sprint in the beginning of July, the entire team have had a long, well deserved summer vacation. We're finally back and ready to go again :)

This is our Almedalen demo site, that we did in collaboration with Initiativ Samutveckling:

Preparation for the meetings held at a school yard in Almedalen in July

We're continuing or collaboration with Alternativet and are ready for new challanges.

Jun 24, 2014



We're building the plane while flying. Every minute counts, but I'd still like to share a few sentences from Integral Life Practice chapter about Ethics:

Am I responsible for the behaviour of the organization for which I work? For the institution I belong to? My community? My culture at large? My nation?
  Clearly, I have less and less ability to personally determine the behaviour or larger and larger groups. And yet, these groups have no locus of responsibility other than their individual members. If I have no responsibility, then neither does anyone else. That doesn't fly. No way around it, we each do have some real and crucial responsibility.

Think about the possibility to engage in your different organization. And how you can activate the other participants. How can you bring forward the best ideas, and make the most democratic and well-informed decisions?

Jun 9, 2014


Hi again!

As you might have noticed, our blogging has been set aside due to a hectic sprint with few workdays and lots to do. We'll try to do better in this sprint.

Elias, Johan H and Anders have all been on vacation the last sprint, still we managed to produce an amazing output:

- Initiativ Samutveckling got their web platform (beta) running:
- Evolute got a first draft of web page up:
- Continued and increased cooperation with the Almedalen organizers in iS!
- Continued cooperation with Mads from Alternativet

We're going to focus this sprint on maximizing impact on Almedalen and providing the best kind of experience for the users of iS! web platform.

Today we examined a location for a future office in Norra Sorgenfri, Malmö. Looks very promising!
Also meetings with Caroline, and Elin (iS!). Tomorrow I'll be off to Germany but I'm looking forward to wednesday when Anders will be visiting.

Enjoy the summer evening!
 / Elias

May 26, 2014

New Sprint focus Almedalsveckan

Hello folks!

A new sprint started last week. We'll have full focus on our release on Almedalsveckan.
Anders and I are picking up development speed. New priorities are starting to form.

Todays meeting with Per Hörberg will be important, as will our initial beta test which will officially start tomorrow during my meeting with Caroline Görtz. These two will be guiding for how we will spend our next 5 weeks.

We also had a nice video call with Noam from Idealogue today. We are on the same wavelength and can swap ideas and experiences across the atlantic. Really nice!

Now it's time for a coffee in the sun!

May 19, 2014

Time and timing


Status update: We have a working production server and some progress on the most prioritized modifications for iS! We're still lacking a web page.

I expect some of my time during the rest of the Sprint to be dedicated to organizational matters, so I feel like I'm a little bit behind in my work. It seems like I need to focus very much on communication and planning these days, any yet it's not enough somehow.

That being said, I feel we have a lot of things to be happy about at the moment. Things are really looking good in terms of opportunities and possibilities. The time is right for Evolute and people seem to like what we do.


May 15, 2014

for whom the bell tolls

These last few days, bells have finally been starting to ring, and while not "clear", I feel I can at least understand the essential parts of Loomios workings.

So lets put these new understandings to practice!

I started out experimenting with a few of the prio-0 modifications of loomio on the virtual machine. changing the logo, removing a few links etc.

And it works! The new logo turned out a bit over-sized, but a nice,purple, iS!-logo was displayed at the top of the page! While not perfect,certainly good enough to begin with:

I continued to remove some links, with a few bizarre failures to begin with, but soon enough I could figure out what I was doing wrong.

Ah, a good start today!

But changes to loomio on my localhost isn't really good for anything other than learning, so I went ahead and made the same changes to the actual server, starting with just the logo.

said and done, server updated, time for a test. unfortunatly, login was no longer possible, in fact, displaying the login-page stopped working altogether...ok something went wrong...but what?

Obviously, something is different from the app hosted on Heroku, than the app hosted on our virtual machine(I'm pretty sure I followed the same procedure in both cases,but with different outcomes..I may have to try again to verify this..)

 Actually there are 3 obvious differences, however it is less obvious which one is causing the problem(if either):

  • poduction vs development environment
  • assets served directly vs via AWS
  • heroku vs localhost
I'm thinking the problem probably comes from either of the first two, but I cant be sure right now...I'll have to investigate further tomorrow...

 for now, I'm back to feeling confused.damit..

May 13, 2014

Passing a milestone

Hi again!

We are now three days into the new sprint. On Friday we've summed up our impressions from the sprint demo on Thursday and did a sprint prioritization and planning for the upcoming two weeks.
We've also registered two domains: &

Focus for this sprint is
 - Get Loomio production server running
 - Investigate Loomios angular branch
 - Implement Prio-0 iS modifications
 - Create meta-pages for iS loomio app
 - Create an initial web page for Evolute
 - Produce/Translate content for our web/ presentation document
 - Keeping up our connections to the outside world

Luckily the Loomio production server is finally running! Yesterdays breakthrough made us pass a minor milestone and we can now set up specialized Loomio instances.

It still needs a little more configuration to work but we're getting there. Now we just need to tackle the rest of our tasks :)

Yesterday also included a website kick-off meeting with Hillebjörk. I think we're pretty soon going to see some drafts live on our website. Also I hear that Anders is progressing with Loomios Angular branch... You'll probably hear more about that later.

Have a nice day!

May 5, 2014

Creating gravitation


We're almost ready to register a domain and get a basic page up on the web.
Today, I've examined some bootstrap templates to get a responsive page running quick.

Also, I'm invited to talk at Pecha Kucha Malmö on wednesday:
This will be the first public presentation of our project. I'm very excited!

May 2, 2014

Weaving new plans, standing still and pushing forward

Dear reader,

Do you know about deploying your Ruby on Rails app to Heroku? Using Amazon Web Services to store user submitted content and handling assets?

It's neat. But when stuff don't work as expected it can be really tough to decipher what the problem is. So we're still without a running production instance of Loomio :(

On another note: new plans for our platform is taking form. Daniel has intelligently deviced a city metaphor for the network-based, self-organized, collective intelligence platform that we aim to build.
Clarifying what we want to achieve and putting complex design into words is both crucial and a beautiful gift to our project at this stage.

Also, plans for our website and company structure is progressing. A lot of different streams running in the same direction making up the river of Evolute.

Float on!

May 1, 2014

(learning to) Modify Loomio, for realz!

Yesterday we had our first, very anticipated meeting with Rob from the Loomio dev-team.
Not only did this strengthen our determination in working with them, but Rob also maneged to shed some light onto the code-structure of the Loomio-app itself!

And boy-oboy was that welcome! 

Even so, I spent my entire day today just reading code, trying to make sense of what goes where. It's allot to take in, and it's quite overwhelming, at least for now. Here's hoping bells will start ringing soon,  I think if I can just get a "feeling" for where to find stuff, that'll be a great leap forward!

We still aren't really any closer to making our "prio 0" changes, but really, once we've understood the structure of it all, I think all of them could be done in a day or two.

The REAL "prio 0" is actually just understanding all of Loomio.

Meanwhile a domain is about to be registered, hopefully we'll be making a website soon, we need to look into solutions for that as well!

Apr 28, 2014

Shape Shifting... starting to take form... the wave is rising...

Hi everybody,

This is a late blog from the sideline for Thursday last week. I have not been operative this sprint, since I have decided to focus on my health and well-being and will have a sabbatical/retreat until August. However, I will still be available on the strategic level and help ferry our organism unto its potential.

A short reflection upon not being active this sprint is that I felt a slight abstinence of all the good state work we had gotten into our bones. I noticed that I felt an urge to have the start of the day with a qi-gong/meditation/yoga... To "only" work 6 hours and long for it... and to have the warmth of colleagues to share the day (as a consultant I know it is a hell of a difference to work for, than to work with)... and the pleasure of the flow-like high performance from focused sprints... This I take with me on my healing journey for myself.

This Thursday we had a workshop and a Demo planned for the day.

The theme for the WS is our Brand Platform and Johan H had done a good work in preparing the two parts; The condensation of what Evolute is in terms of a brand and second half the graphic representation of Evolute. We were all but Emil represented at the start (Emil joined after lunch), so the whole team were present - Anders and Morten on Skype and the rest of the gang in the room.

A short kria yoga and off we went for the first part with the Brand - Johan H walked us through his compilation from what he had gathered so far of what Evolute is - and it was cool to hear what came out. The form is getting sharper and sharper! The Brand is now condensed in 5 headings and we will take the next step by making this available for our first circle to see what we get back. Good work Johan H!

The second half was spent on the aesthetic part of how to communicate what Evolute is - Johan H had a speed dating session showing pictures and graphic examples of logotypes and formats etc. Really cool for a lay man to experience this wide approach based on concepts in order to find out what expressions that may speak to you... and it did speak :)

At four thirty we rounded off the WS and adjourned until six fifteen for the demo meeting. I left and went for a zen sitting completely emptying my head...

Well back for the Demo meeting of Sprint 5 we were hosted by Elias who aimed for guiding us through all the topics on the agenda within 2 hours. See the agenda below... And as a summary comment would be that after 2 hours all was ticked off...

...Thank you all guys for a rich and productive day!


Apr 24, 2014

Hello again blog! Forgot to write last week, so i'll try to make it longer this week instead!

This sprint I have been focusing on creating a Mindmap view for our forum. The way I see it this will be perhaps our gratest distinction from Loomio, so it's important it works well.

In the begining of the sprint I spent some time thinking about what the mindmap should look like, and how it should work, how to implement it and what its good for anyway?

I remembered a conversation with Johan, where he mentioned that sometimes, the biggest obstacle between two persons in a discussion may not be that they disagree on ideas, but rather on how to express the same idea.

This memory connected with my thoughts about the mindmap and brought forth a new idea, to which I think at least part of the logic behind the mindmap can be re-used. My idea was that while reading a discussion, users should have the option to start a sub-discussion on any answer to the original discussion. As such, disputes on mere formulations would have a own, isolated space to take place, and thus would not take up space in the original discussion, where discussion should be focused on different ideas, instead of different formulations of the same idea.

But, this idea is for the future, no time to make all these functions in one sprint only, I had to fokus on the mindmap itself!

Not such a easy task it would turn out. At first, I thought I'd just place normal blocks of text on the page, but then it would be nice to dra lines between the blocks to show relations between different topics.
Therefore, I turned to Canvas, the new-for-HTML5 drawing-tool. Made it through a few tutorials on the basics of canvas (As I have never worked with it before) and then found a bunch of libraries to help with all sorts of animations.

This is where things got tricky the first time. There are shed-loads of canvas libraries out there,and a lot of them are probably great. The problem I found is that most of them are focused on making in-browser games, and as such are a lot more complicated then needed for a "simple" mindmap. Took me a while, but then I finnaly found not one but two libraries doing nothing but mindmaps.

Now to learn one of these libraries. actually, what I ended up learning was somehting else entirely. I learned that, the availability, completeness and level of difficultyto understand the documentation of any library is at least, and probably more, important than the library's being fit for the task at hand.

You probably see where I'm going with this; being sick of reading half-finished explinations of functions I made a full turn, and decided to stick with the good-old html-css-js combination. I'll worry about drawing lines later, for now i just want to place the items on a map!

So I got to it, the upside here is, Angular seems to be able to do quite a lot for me, al I need to make is an algorithm to calculate where to place each item. Said and done! And now I just need to debug code dealing with 1 framework, instead of a framework and 1+ graphics-libraries.

Someone once told me that one shouldt be so quick to look for ready solutions in programing. Quite often, understanding how to use a library can be much harder than solving the problem from scratch!

I think that piece of wisdom sums up pretty neatly what I've learned in this sprint!

Apr 17, 2014

Workshop and a Loomio production server

Hi folks!

Yesterday we had and important but a bit unstructured workshop on our offering, infographics and name.
Johan T, Johan H, myself and a sleepy Daniel started the day with a wonderful Qi-gong outside in the sun!

I think we're getting closer to a solid identity but some work still remains before we are there.

"Evolute" is still the best name suggestion even though a suitable available URL is still lacking. Other suggestions are "Co-evolute" and "Co-space".

I have created a amazon web services account and plan to have a Loomio production server up and running in this sprint. Some iS!-modifications on Loomio are also neccessary before we can start or first exploratory end-user tests. These were idenitified last week during a productive session with the codeveloper Caroline Görtz.

I'm taking a mini-holiday now. Happy Easter everyone! It will be a busy next week.

All my love

Apr 14, 2014


Hi again!

Start of yet another interesting week. Lots of stuff to do as usual and too little time with Easter coming up at the end of the week.
 We did the sprint planning on friday and identified the following themes for this sprint:
- Define our offering, brand platform and identity
- Install Loomio on a server
- Do the specified basic iS-adjustments to the platform
- Create the Mind-map plugin for topic visualisation

I'm really getting into self development practices with active state mgmt and learning goals. I'm currently training Ruby on codecademy, reading Integral Life Practice and studying Go.

I feel calm and focused.


Apr 8, 2014

Working from home

Hi again!

These two days I've been working from my home in Malmö. It's quite nice, I can sleep longer in the mornings and grab food from the fridge when I'm hungry. It's also a bit lonely.

Yesterday, I transfered the virtual machine to Anders. Hopefully he'll get Loomio running now. I also did a quick quality review on the translation to Swedish. There's also loads of emails to be written and phone calls to be answered, and meetings to synchronize, but today I managed to squeeze in a short Ruby practice on codecademy, which I enjoyed.

I need to give some thought to how to really develop my skills and capacity. Suppose I do that tomorrow.

Apr 4, 2014

Intense workdays and the end of an era


We're ending the first of our epics. Two months have now passed and Johan T has decided to change role in the project and stepping out of the daily operations. These last couple of days have been very intense, because of the need to sum things up and plan forward. But now, by end of friday, I would say that we've reached what we've been aiming for and have a very clear plan ahead for most activities. Thank you Johan for your amazing effort and contribution to this project so far!

Yesterday was a mad brainstorming workshop day. Today have been all about evaluating and understanding what we've done so far.

We have built something flexible and super-exciting, but there's lots and lots to be done in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned!

Apr 1, 2014

Yoga, Emil & Loomio


Emil joined us for this mornings Kundalini Yoga exercise. Short and very effective!
He also finished editing the youtube clip of Daniels iS-presentation which he held last tuesday. Watch it, it's really nice (and in Swedish)!

We have a lot of sun now in our office and that makes the workday lighter and brighter. Another sunshine is the fact that I got Loomio up and running locally - looks very promising! Plus, we're almost finished translating it to Swedish.

PS. Don't forget to contribute to Loomios crowdfunding campaign. Because real democracy needs to include everyone. Spread the word!


Mar 27, 2014

A new sprint filled with opportunity

Hi again!

We're very happy about our new project member Johan Hillebjörk who will help us with our graphic profile and finding our tone of voice. Also, we've found Trello for working with an electronic Kanban board. Looks very useful now that we are more participating members.

Johan T has done a great job translating Loomio to Swedish.

And we have a plan for our upcoming sprint. I have a very positive feeling about this one and think it will be a productive one.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

Mar 25, 2014

Exploring possible pivot(s)?

This day we have dug our teeth into exploring alternative routes that Loomio opened up yesterday. We have gotten a first contact with them and are now contacts in Sweden for translation of their tool into Swedish and Elias has started to set up a virtual environment to see if/how we can have that as an alternative. From this point we can see how we can find synergy with Loomio. In parallel Anders continue building the platform and we head for sprint demo on Wednesday.

Mar 24, 2014

Citizen Hive & Loomio

Hello again!

Last thursday we had a whole day workshop/meeting with Citizen Hive at Black Pearl here in Lund. Very interesting and promising. I hope they get up to speed quickly so we can join forces. They are a great initiative and very talented, no doubt they will be a future partner for us. A Hive in this case means that they are both Hub, a Cluster, an NGO, a Meeting Place and have a chosen governance in system (Sociocracy). Interesting, right?

Also interesting is the tool Loomio, a very similiar project from New Zealand. They have already reached over 1500 organizations. Impressive! There's definitely something there...


Mar 21, 2014

Morning-routines and authentications

I spent last week implementing comments to individual posts, running into a lot more trouble than expected, which turned out to be at least partly because of a typo I didn't think to check for. From this week forward, I'm paying more attention to such "trivial" details - lesson well learned!

Actually, this paying attention to things I tended to overlook before, is becoming something of a theme this week, hence this my first contribution to the blog (which I completely forgot in my quest for comments-functionality last week).

Today I started a new morning-routine, which I hope will help keep up my energy-levels, as well as my ability to focus, namely waking up an hour earlier, walking down to the ocean and just float around on my back for about 30 minutes before going back and turning on the computer. Not only does this help me relax and  deal with any internal issues I might have on my mind, but its also the best way to deal with the heat, which can be an issue here sometimes.

next I guess I should rethink my current diet, 2 pots of coffee/day cant be healthy, and I'm while I have been trying to provide myself with healthy snacks to keep my mouth busy when coding, I'm sure I could eat better.

So a lot of routine-related changes for me this week. But what about coding?

For now, the goal is to have a robust and safe login-feature in place as soon as possible. In the future, we would also like logins to be welcoming and user-friendly. Keeping this in mind, this morning we decided to use the library PassportJS, which will enable us to allow users to log in using Google/Facebook/Twitter etc. There are other libraries that offer the same functionality, we ended up choosing PassportJS largely due to the completeness of its documentation.

But security is a notoriously complicated aspect of the web, and even using a complete solution such as PassportJS, I'd say me and Elias are in for quite a bit of tutorials and head-scratching over the next few days.

Mar 19, 2014

Virtual machine

Hi again!

Yesterday I finally gave up trying to install mongoose-auth/bcrypt/node-gyp on my 64-bit Windows 7.
What a relief! I struggled with that for quite a while, and my fallback plan - to set up a Virtual Box image with Ubuntu - was easier than expected. After that everything worked flawlessly. Besides solving my problem with bcrypt, future developers in this project will benefit from having a machine with a preinstalled environment ready for immediate development.

Running Ubuntu linux on Windows

I also had a very pleasant and stimulating lunch at Raw Food House in Malmö with my friend Johan Hillebjörk.  We're looking forward to future co-operation around the graphical profile of our platform! It's really a great opportunity for us to benefit from his expertise.


Mar 17, 2014

Technically correct and/or politically correct?

Today we had a Skype meeting with Jonas, a candidate for local elections and an IS member, to see how he could understand the potential and possibilities with the platform. To our delight he got the core ideas quickly and already started to see applications and new ideas forming. This bodes well...

Last Friday Emil went to Denmark to meet with Alternativet, the newly formed political party with a manifest close to the IS manifest. Daniel and Emil has been meeting with the core team a few times now and part of the purpose this Friday was to present the platform and see how we can deepen the co-operation. More info to come...

Meanwhile we are sprinting on...


Mar 14, 2014

Demo and a new sprint

Hi there!

We've held our second demo on wednesday evening. Emil, Morten, Johan, Anders and I participated. Unfortunately Daniel was sick and couldn't join. We presented the user interface mockup along with the actual system that me and Anders have been developing. We also discussed, among other things, new interface ideas, open source distribution and our current situation. The meeting was good and shows that we're on the right track but there's still a lot of possibilities to explore!

Mediem dashboard

On thursday we had a friendly and informative online meeting with one of the creators of Mediem. Noam, a really nice guy, showed us how their tool had been used in an inter-faith program for an american university and pointed out some important functions for better and more engaging conversations.

We've started the new sprint and hope to add user login functionality and a visual mind-map overview functionality to our platform during the upcoming week.


Mar 11, 2014

Networking and connecting dots

The theme of the day has been connecting and reaching out:
  • We got a reply from Noam Shore at Idealogueinc who developed the Mediem tool used by Tim Murray & co. After bouncing a few emails fro and back we landed in a hangout on Thursday. It feels as if this could be the start of a good exchange and synergy!
  • Morten is game and will start to look how we can cultivate the Danish market/side in parallell to what we are doing in Sweden beyond the IS focus.
  • We had a Skype meeting with David Böhlmark, older brother to Anders, about the project. David was part of the IS delegation in Trondheim and we noticed a way in the conversation the overlapping networks and possibilities beyond the initial trials of this tool...
  • Tonight we will present the project to the IS community at the local IS café and hope to get a line of interested members.


Mar 10, 2014

Started coding 4 real

Hi again!

Me and Anders have finally built a base that is good enough to expand. A lot of learning and troubleshooting but we're starting to see some results. We are setting up the most important views to be able to present something that can be accessed and tested out on the demo on wednesday.
A very interesting new kind of forum is taking shape!

I'm learning a lot about front-end frameworks and tools. Today we integrated Stylus. Next up is Bootstrap and Nib.

Mar 5, 2014

Feeding the feedback

In about two weeks we are planning on having the first round of trials with users within the IS project. It will be a minimal functionality available and the mock-up/UX demo will hopefully help to get a feel for what the potential/possibility of a more complete system will be.

We are eager to get engaged participants to feed back their ideas and experiences. One team in Stockholm and one here in Skåne. Some key questions to seek answers to will be:
  • How is the "feel" for the tool?
  • Is it inviting and easy to use?
  • Are the functionality solving the problems we try to adress?
  • Can you see the potentiality?
  • What happens with you as a result of using this form/tool?
  • How do you best learn and integrate with the current IS activities?
  • ...
What will the reactions be...? :)

Node considerations


This is a late post for yesterday. Me and Anders started to dig into some important considerations for the platform. We decided to go with a familiar express-mongoose project setup to get some momentum. We decided on CoffeeKup as a template renderer. Furthermore we'll the mongoose-auth framework for authorization of users. This will enable us to quickly integrate login with facebook, google, twitter etc.

In the evening I also attended the Node Meetup Malmö at Foocafe to dig deeper into the possibilities with npm. It turns out that npm is extremely nifty tool to super easy get hold of and set up new node modules. After the presentation I hanged out with my friend Johan Erlandsson  who gave me some seriously good advice on responsive design. Also nice to meet Oskar, a colleague from Cybercom which I hadn't encountered before. It was all very nice, we decided we should attend the next Node meetup in April.

Mar 3, 2014

Flex time fixed frame

This day we have a longer work day - adding two hours today and a few more days adjusting for J being out-of-office end of the week. It is also a good test to see what happens if we experiment with the daily frame in comparison with the weekly frame.

Daniel came by for a quick visit seeding ideas for how we can solve prolonged engagement beyond the first 2 months and also feeding back from the LiFT meeting in Trondheim where IS was represented by 8 members.

We are integrating Anders more and more in the work and had a Skype meeting in the afternoon.  He had been out of internet for the whole weekend - a black out in the whole neighborhood... It worked fine during first half of our call, but crashed for the last part when J and A were going to work on learning goals. New try tomorrow afternoon.


Feb 27, 2014

Demo OK and we are now formally at the age of consent...

Hi there,

Yesterday evening we had the demo of the first sprint - Daniel, Emil and Morten here and Anders on Skype in Brasil. Cudos to Anders for hanging in there on Skype for the time it took to have the meeting. In summary; good feed back and reactions on the MVP, we have now consented to consent for sociocracy and finally we have alignment for next sprint.

This day we have spent on doing a retrospect of the first sprint, did a sprint planning with Anders on Skype and start to execute the second batch of user stories in the pipe line. The engine is picking up pace...


Feb 26, 2014

UI, Citizen Hive, Sociocracy and the demo

Hello folks!

Starting out with a repetition of yesterdays Qi Gong practice, as one fluid movement, into the preparations for the next sprint. Additional "user stories" are now listed and placed in our backlog of our Kanban sheet. After that I managed to finalize the UI draft document that will be used as a base for discussion in tonights demo.

Snapshot of the overview/start page with a couple of features implemented.

We had a surprise visit by Sharif during lunch where he explained the ideas around the newly formed Citizen Hive, and why we should be a part of it. Very interesting and promising!

After lunch we took an important step in forming the sociocratic company; a draft constitution and VMA for the organization.

Now we're looking forward to soon meeting up with the rest: Daniel, Emil, Morten and Anders (on Skype from Brazil).

Feb 25, 2014

Good pace/progress for end run of first sprint

Hi all,

Today we have continued with finalizing the deliverables for the demo meeting on wednesday. We are reflecting upon the system, how it is part of an environment and also how we are linked to it in terms of our being and acting...

We also had a Skype meeting with Anders, brother of David in IS, who will help us with design and coding. He is currently in Brazil so we are becoming quite international in our little venture.

Spring greetings from Lund,


Feb 24, 2014

Back on track

Hello again!

Today was mostly about preparation for the Demo on wednesday, but we also managed to squeeze in a phone meeting with Gustav (iS! STHLM), and a research session on Social Deliberative Skills.

Key aspects of social deliberative skills/behaviour:
- Social perspective taking
- Meta-dialogue
- Social inquiry
- Systems thinking / Complexity
- Self reflection

All of these are very important ingredients in good conversations, and will be necessary to support for our users. We need to dig deeper in this field!

I also started to explore the UI mockup tool balsamiq. I will create some drawings that can be the base for further discussions on our user interface.


Feb 21, 2014


Elias is in Stockholm and I have returned from vacations with the family - "sportlov".

A day of catching up, summarizing, and looking ahead. I am glad that the workshop with James went well and that Elas has gotten that deep that we now have critical mass for applying and adopting this to our needs.


Feb 19, 2014



If yesterday was more about state management, catching up and preparations, today was more about making progress in the plan and finalizing tasks. Our shared google drive space is now efficiently sorted, and most of my working documents have the intended structure. I was also able to close a big uncertainty gap by checking out various javascript solutions for mindmap-like information visualization. I now feel confident that we've got the primary MVP functionality covered, and that I know enough to move ahead to implementation in the next sprint.

I'm very happy that Anders has expressed interest in joining us in our effort to create the online discussion tool/interactive manifesto platform for Initiativ Samutveckling. That's fantastic! I'm sure he's going to be a great help in our upcoming sprints.

Tomorrow I'm moving ahead to the theoretic pre-study which will cover the following topics:
collective intelligence, online discussions, argument analysis, social deliberative skill, social networks and more briefly: usability, user experience & responsive design.

From these fields I hope to gather some additional learnings that I will incorporate into our MVP.


At home

Hi there!

I've been behind on the blogging so this is my report from yesterdays work day.

  Primus Meditation Technique

  Super healthy smoothie etc.

Really powerful smoothie

Set up Sociocratic project structure on our shared drive
  Library, Logbook, Operations

Yoga led by Paulina with the following setup to get some basic yoga practice:
- Half lotus
- Mountain pose
- Sun greeting A
- Sun greeting B
- B -> Triangle
- Forward bend
- Half lord of the fishes
- Dead mans pose

Update the blog for this weekend
 - Review the Sociocracy Workshop
 - Work with VMA for the MVP

- Salad (Spinach/Halloumi/Cashew/Tomatoes)
- Raw chocolacte cheescake (Banana/avocado/cacao/vanilla/almonds)
- Lunch lecture (first 15 minutes of a node.js online lecture)
- Vitamins

 Going through the Sociocratic Material
 Gather input for company structure and MVP

Great day! Not much real progress, but a strong sense of direction. Thanks to Paulina for helping me with food and training; Good work!


Feb 18, 2014

The Sociocracy workshop & our MVP

Hello again, fellow readers!

This is a late post summarizing this weekends' three-day workshop on Sociocracy held at Sofielunds Folkets Hus in Malmö. On the first day we all (me, Johan, Daniel, Emil & Morten) attended the introduction to sociocracy including learning and practicing of some of the basic concepts (Consent decision making, the value of objections, PIE: Plan-Implement-EvaluateVMA: Vision-Mission-Aims), lead by eminent facilitators James P and Anna K. On the second (proposal forming, circle structure, roles) and third (Logbooks, Open Space) only Daniel and I was able to attend, but all of the workshops' participants joined forces giving us all a fine example of how Sociocracy and collective intelligence can really thrive in the right environment.

I got the chance to re-learn and practice some fundamental Sociocratic concepts and get a much clearer view on the whole set of tools. Now I'm just looking forward to shaping all this organizations policies with sociocratic principles! It's easy and beautiful!

Plus, last but not least, some very important new ideas regarding the shaping of our MVP (minimal viable product). I previously haven't had much time to describe the project I'm working on, so I think this would be a good time to give a brief introduction. I will give it in the form of VMA.

Vision (Why?):
A world where complex issues can be discussed freely online using open and effective systems to support clarity and focus; harvesting the wisdom of contributor's in an engaging, purposeful and organised way, enabling progressive discussions that synthesise and distill the collective intelligence.

Mission (How?):
By building and distributing a free software framework that's easily adoptable by any organisation, that really supports better conversations, is self organised, easy to use and fun to engage in.

Aim (What?):
Software for online conversations
Consultancy services
Customer relations circle
Research circle

(Edit: clarified the VMA after feedback)

That's all for now, I'll get back to the new ideas and solutions during the upcoming weeks.


Some key points from the Open Space on 
"How To Improve Online Conversations using Sociocracy"

Feb 14, 2014

Our first week

Hi there!

We've almost completed our first week.

Today we’ve spent in our secondary office which is actually Johan’s apartment, also pretty cool. We will continue this nomadic office trip during the next week, where Elias will spend in Malmö/Sthlm and Johan will be away on vacation.

This weekend we will all attend a sociocracy workshop with James. Two days covering the basics and Monday a day of going deeper. Hopefully you will read more about the insights and learning in the blog to come next week.

To summarize the week we feel excited about the progress we’ve made with the technical pre-study and the analysis of the customer segment. We have had interesting guests visiting. Rituals and routines are starting to kick in and support the flow of the days.

two semi-nomads

/Johan & Elias

Feb 13, 2014

Getting sociocracy into our DNA


It's me again, Elias. For this mornings exercise I had prepared a videoclip on a brain balancing Kundalini yoga session. It's just ten minutes but feels incredible.

We were fortunate enough to have James giving us some last advices on building a sociocratic foundation for our organization, before he went to Malmö in preparation for the workshop this weekend.
I also got the details on two very promising sociocratic software projects, that I'll definately will be looking into later.

During the afternoon, while Johan was working on our application to Sten K Johnsson, I managed to finally putting together the outlines of the technical pre study document. Criterias for the platform: Check!

Now we're packing our stuff together, tomorrows workday will be held outside office, at Johans place.

Until then,


Edit: Our lightweight office packed together
(techy stuff, yoga mat, tables & essential reading)

A full house!

This is a late post for yesterday…
We had a full house and a full day this our third day.
First of all, we have a guest staying over at Johan’s – James Priest is in town for delivering a workshop about sociocracy and we have him with us all day.
Second, Daniel got inspired to spend a day here with us to put some effort into writing an application to a local foundation for possible funding.
Third, Sharif a friend in spirit, came by at lunch to meet up with Daniel to discuss the possibility for join forces in the application.
And fourth, Susie had a session with a client just before lunch.
Activities in all corners of the office, people working apart and coming together in a dance over the day. And all of this framed in a start with qi-gong facilitated by Johan, and a closing circle meditation check out by James… 6 hours flew by quickly... delaying the blog post a day… 


 James, Daniel and Elias discussing vitamins

Vitamins to boost our state and well being provided by Daniel

From the wyte board discussions of James and Johan

Feb 11, 2014

Activating your body

Arriving fifteen minutes early at a quarter to nine I find Johan already seated in the middle of the room grounding his body and mind in a primus meditation. I took a banana from the kitchen and checked my email. Soon afterwards Susie arrived at the office and brought myself and Johan into a separate room. The theme for this mornings activity was conciousness of your body. Starting from the feet up, we activated all parts of our body with mild stretching and arrived at the morning meeting in a great state, positive and warm. The first work session was at an end almost before it even started. During a state of concentrated calm I continued the exploration of the DocPad framework in a second session before lunch.
I prepared a sallad of spinach, tomatoes, walnuts, feta cheese, olives and black beens. Delicious!

Johan then took me through a dialogue on values, mission and learning goals. We briefly touched upon the transformation part of Theory U. That’s really intresting, looking forward to dig deeper!

Some doodles on learning goals and Theory U

In the last session I was able to complete the last exercise of the DocPad examples. Looking forward to meeting James tomorrow! I’m also anticipating the possibility to do some reading in our ever expanding library.


Feb 10, 2014

We are up and running

We are up and running

This is our first day! We have now an office in central Lund, Sweden.

We are Elias and Johan - two out of 5 partners who have mid-wifed this new company - are now working full time. Our three other partners, Daniel & Morten & Emil,  are cheering from the side line…

Johan in front of our planning board

The theme for the day was to get settled and start get going. We aim at working 9 - 15 and get a full days work done in this shorter span by using smarter ways of working.

Our day started with a guided meditation to prepare and set the state for the day. We used a primus meditation by Naisha Ahsian. Well worth looking up if you do not know her.

Then our partner Daniel came by with good news regarding a potential project/contact. He also presented us with small library of essential reading.

Elias reading a book from the pile

Johan facilitated a visual spatial planning of the journey this company will make - from the ideal state when all is materialised and back to today. With this we have a common strong feel for what is ahead.

We found a good flow during the day by alternating tasks in short sprints.

We also went shopping for some healthy food and snacks to keep up performance during the rest of the week.

Elias started the technical prestudy by examining a flexible, lightweight framework called DocPad. This looks promising to quickly set up a customizable and portable product.

"Over and out" from the first day!