Feb 27, 2014

Demo OK and we are now formally at the age of consent...

Hi there,

Yesterday evening we had the demo of the first sprint - Daniel, Emil and Morten here and Anders on Skype in Brasil. Cudos to Anders for hanging in there on Skype for the time it took to have the meeting. In summary; good feed back and reactions on the MVP, we have now consented to consent for sociocracy and finally we have alignment for next sprint.

This day we have spent on doing a retrospect of the first sprint, did a sprint planning with Anders on Skype and start to execute the second batch of user stories in the pipe line. The engine is picking up pace...


Feb 26, 2014

UI, Citizen Hive, Sociocracy and the demo

Hello folks!

Starting out with a repetition of yesterdays Qi Gong practice, as one fluid movement, into the preparations for the next sprint. Additional "user stories" are now listed and placed in our backlog of our Kanban sheet. After that I managed to finalize the UI draft document that will be used as a base for discussion in tonights demo.

Snapshot of the overview/start page with a couple of features implemented.

We had a surprise visit by Sharif during lunch where he explained the ideas around the newly formed Citizen Hive, and why we should be a part of it. Very interesting and promising!

After lunch we took an important step in forming the sociocratic company; a draft constitution and VMA for the organization.

Now we're looking forward to soon meeting up with the rest: Daniel, Emil, Morten and Anders (on Skype from Brazil).

Feb 25, 2014

Good pace/progress for end run of first sprint

Hi all,

Today we have continued with finalizing the deliverables for the demo meeting on wednesday. We are reflecting upon the system, how it is part of an environment and also how we are linked to it in terms of our being and acting...

We also had a Skype meeting with Anders, brother of David in IS, who will help us with design and coding. He is currently in Brazil so we are becoming quite international in our little venture.

Spring greetings from Lund,


Feb 24, 2014

Back on track

Hello again!

Today was mostly about preparation for the Demo on wednesday, but we also managed to squeeze in a phone meeting with Gustav (iS! STHLM), and a research session on Social Deliberative Skills.

Key aspects of social deliberative skills/behaviour:
- Social perspective taking
- Meta-dialogue
- Social inquiry
- Systems thinking / Complexity
- Self reflection

All of these are very important ingredients in good conversations, and will be necessary to support for our users. We need to dig deeper in this field!

I also started to explore the UI mockup tool balsamiq. I will create some drawings that can be the base for further discussions on our user interface.


Feb 21, 2014


Elias is in Stockholm and I have returned from vacations with the family - "sportlov".

A day of catching up, summarizing, and looking ahead. I am glad that the workshop with James went well and that Elas has gotten that deep that we now have critical mass for applying and adopting this to our needs.


Feb 19, 2014



If yesterday was more about state management, catching up and preparations, today was more about making progress in the plan and finalizing tasks. Our shared google drive space is now efficiently sorted, and most of my working documents have the intended structure. I was also able to close a big uncertainty gap by checking out various javascript solutions for mindmap-like information visualization. I now feel confident that we've got the primary MVP functionality covered, and that I know enough to move ahead to implementation in the next sprint.

I'm very happy that Anders has expressed interest in joining us in our effort to create the online discussion tool/interactive manifesto platform for Initiativ Samutveckling. That's fantastic! I'm sure he's going to be a great help in our upcoming sprints.

Tomorrow I'm moving ahead to the theoretic pre-study which will cover the following topics:
collective intelligence, online discussions, argument analysis, social deliberative skill, social networks and more briefly: usability, user experience & responsive design.

From these fields I hope to gather some additional learnings that I will incorporate into our MVP.


At home

Hi there!

I've been behind on the blogging so this is my report from yesterdays work day.

  Primus Meditation Technique

  Super healthy smoothie etc.

Really powerful smoothie

Set up Sociocratic project structure on our shared drive
  Library, Logbook, Operations

Yoga led by Paulina with the following setup to get some basic yoga practice:
- Half lotus
- Mountain pose
- Sun greeting A
- Sun greeting B
- B -> Triangle
- Forward bend
- Half lord of the fishes
- Dead mans pose

Update the blog for this weekend
 - Review the Sociocracy Workshop
 - Work with VMA for the MVP

- Salad (Spinach/Halloumi/Cashew/Tomatoes)
- Raw chocolacte cheescake (Banana/avocado/cacao/vanilla/almonds)
- Lunch lecture (first 15 minutes of a node.js online lecture)
- Vitamins

 Going through the Sociocratic Material
 Gather input for company structure and MVP

Great day! Not much real progress, but a strong sense of direction. Thanks to Paulina for helping me with food and training; Good work!


Feb 18, 2014

The Sociocracy workshop & our MVP

Hello again, fellow readers!

This is a late post summarizing this weekends' three-day workshop on Sociocracy held at Sofielunds Folkets Hus in Malmö. On the first day we all (me, Johan, Daniel, Emil & Morten) attended the introduction to sociocracy including learning and practicing of some of the basic concepts (Consent decision making, the value of objections, PIE: Plan-Implement-EvaluateVMA: Vision-Mission-Aims), lead by eminent facilitators James P and Anna K. On the second (proposal forming, circle structure, roles) and third (Logbooks, Open Space) only Daniel and I was able to attend, but all of the workshops' participants joined forces giving us all a fine example of how Sociocracy and collective intelligence can really thrive in the right environment.

I got the chance to re-learn and practice some fundamental Sociocratic concepts and get a much clearer view on the whole set of tools. Now I'm just looking forward to shaping all this organizations policies with sociocratic principles! It's easy and beautiful!

Plus, last but not least, some very important new ideas regarding the shaping of our MVP (minimal viable product). I previously haven't had much time to describe the project I'm working on, so I think this would be a good time to give a brief introduction. I will give it in the form of VMA.

Vision (Why?):
A world where complex issues can be discussed freely online using open and effective systems to support clarity and focus; harvesting the wisdom of contributor's in an engaging, purposeful and organised way, enabling progressive discussions that synthesise and distill the collective intelligence.

Mission (How?):
By building and distributing a free software framework that's easily adoptable by any organisation, that really supports better conversations, is self organised, easy to use and fun to engage in.

Aim (What?):
Software for online conversations
Consultancy services
Customer relations circle
Research circle

(Edit: clarified the VMA after feedback)

That's all for now, I'll get back to the new ideas and solutions during the upcoming weeks.


Some key points from the Open Space on 
"How To Improve Online Conversations using Sociocracy"

Feb 14, 2014

Our first week

Hi there!

We've almost completed our first week.

Today we’ve spent in our secondary office which is actually Johan’s apartment, also pretty cool. We will continue this nomadic office trip during the next week, where Elias will spend in Malmö/Sthlm and Johan will be away on vacation.

This weekend we will all attend a sociocracy workshop with James. Two days covering the basics and Monday a day of going deeper. Hopefully you will read more about the insights and learning in the blog to come next week.

To summarize the week we feel excited about the progress we’ve made with the technical pre-study and the analysis of the customer segment. We have had interesting guests visiting. Rituals and routines are starting to kick in and support the flow of the days.

two semi-nomads

/Johan & Elias

Feb 13, 2014

Getting sociocracy into our DNA


It's me again, Elias. For this mornings exercise I had prepared a videoclip on a brain balancing Kundalini yoga session. It's just ten minutes but feels incredible.

We were fortunate enough to have James giving us some last advices on building a sociocratic foundation for our organization, before he went to Malmö in preparation for the workshop this weekend.
I also got the details on two very promising sociocratic software projects, that I'll definately will be looking into later.

During the afternoon, while Johan was working on our application to Sten K Johnsson, I managed to finally putting together the outlines of the technical pre study document. Criterias for the platform: Check!

Now we're packing our stuff together, tomorrows workday will be held outside office, at Johans place.

Until then,


Edit: Our lightweight office packed together
(techy stuff, yoga mat, tables & essential reading)

A full house!

This is a late post for yesterday…
We had a full house and a full day this our third day.
First of all, we have a guest staying over at Johan’s – James Priest is in town for delivering a workshop about sociocracy and we have him with us all day.
Second, Daniel got inspired to spend a day here with us to put some effort into writing an application to a local foundation for possible funding.
Third, Sharif a friend in spirit, came by at lunch to meet up with Daniel to discuss the possibility for join forces in the application.
And fourth, Susie had a session with a client just before lunch.
Activities in all corners of the office, people working apart and coming together in a dance over the day. And all of this framed in a start with qi-gong facilitated by Johan, and a closing circle meditation check out by James… 6 hours flew by quickly... delaying the blog post a day… 


 James, Daniel and Elias discussing vitamins

Vitamins to boost our state and well being provided by Daniel

From the wyte board discussions of James and Johan

Feb 11, 2014

Activating your body

Arriving fifteen minutes early at a quarter to nine I find Johan already seated in the middle of the room grounding his body and mind in a primus meditation. I took a banana from the kitchen and checked my email. Soon afterwards Susie arrived at the office and brought myself and Johan into a separate room. The theme for this mornings activity was conciousness of your body. Starting from the feet up, we activated all parts of our body with mild stretching and arrived at the morning meeting in a great state, positive and warm. The first work session was at an end almost before it even started. During a state of concentrated calm I continued the exploration of the DocPad framework in a second session before lunch.
I prepared a sallad of spinach, tomatoes, walnuts, feta cheese, olives and black beens. Delicious!

Johan then took me through a dialogue on values, mission and learning goals. We briefly touched upon the transformation part of Theory U. That’s really intresting, looking forward to dig deeper!

Some doodles on learning goals and Theory U

In the last session I was able to complete the last exercise of the DocPad examples. Looking forward to meeting James tomorrow! I’m also anticipating the possibility to do some reading in our ever expanding library.


Feb 10, 2014

We are up and running

We are up and running

This is our first day! We have now an office in central Lund, Sweden.

We are Elias and Johan - two out of 5 partners who have mid-wifed this new company - are now working full time. Our three other partners, Daniel & Morten & Emil,  are cheering from the side line…

Johan in front of our planning board

The theme for the day was to get settled and start get going. We aim at working 9 - 15 and get a full days work done in this shorter span by using smarter ways of working.

Our day started with a guided meditation to prepare and set the state for the day. We used a primus meditation by Naisha Ahsian. Well worth looking up if you do not know her.

Then our partner Daniel came by with good news regarding a potential project/contact. He also presented us with small library of essential reading.

Elias reading a book from the pile

Johan facilitated a visual spatial planning of the journey this company will make - from the ideal state when all is materialised and back to today. With this we have a common strong feel for what is ahead.

We found a good flow during the day by alternating tasks in short sprints.

We also went shopping for some healthy food and snacks to keep up performance during the rest of the week.

Elias started the technical prestudy by examining a flexible, lightweight framework called DocPad. This looks promising to quickly set up a customizable and portable product.

"Over and out" from the first day!