Feb 13, 2014

A full house!

This is a late post for yesterday…
We had a full house and a full day this our third day.
First of all, we have a guest staying over at Johan’s – James Priest is in town for delivering a workshop about sociocracy and we have him with us all day.
Second, Daniel got inspired to spend a day here with us to put some effort into writing an application to a local foundation for possible funding.
Third, Sharif a friend in spirit, came by at lunch to meet up with Daniel to discuss the possibility for join forces in the application.
And fourth, Susie had a session with a client just before lunch.
Activities in all corners of the office, people working apart and coming together in a dance over the day. And all of this framed in a start with qi-gong facilitated by Johan, and a closing circle meditation check out by James… 6 hours flew by quickly... delaying the blog post a day… 


 James, Daniel and Elias discussing vitamins

Vitamins to boost our state and well being provided by Daniel

From the wyte board discussions of James and Johan

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