Feb 11, 2014

Activating your body

Arriving fifteen minutes early at a quarter to nine I find Johan already seated in the middle of the room grounding his body and mind in a primus meditation. I took a banana from the kitchen and checked my email. Soon afterwards Susie arrived at the office and brought myself and Johan into a separate room. The theme for this mornings activity was conciousness of your body. Starting from the feet up, we activated all parts of our body with mild stretching and arrived at the morning meeting in a great state, positive and warm. The first work session was at an end almost before it even started. During a state of concentrated calm I continued the exploration of the DocPad framework in a second session before lunch.
I prepared a sallad of spinach, tomatoes, walnuts, feta cheese, olives and black beens. Delicious!

Johan then took me through a dialogue on values, mission and learning goals. We briefly touched upon the transformation part of Theory U. That’s really intresting, looking forward to dig deeper!

Some doodles on learning goals and Theory U

In the last session I was able to complete the last exercise of the DocPad examples. Looking forward to meeting James tomorrow! I’m also anticipating the possibility to do some reading in our ever expanding library.


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