Feb 19, 2014

At home

Hi there!

I've been behind on the blogging so this is my report from yesterdays work day.

  Primus Meditation Technique

  Super healthy smoothie etc.

Really powerful smoothie

Set up Sociocratic project structure on our shared drive
  Library, Logbook, Operations

Yoga led by Paulina with the following setup to get some basic yoga practice:
- Half lotus
- Mountain pose
- Sun greeting A
- Sun greeting B
- B -> Triangle
- Forward bend
- Half lord of the fishes
- Dead mans pose

Update the blog for this weekend
 - Review the Sociocracy Workshop
 - Work with VMA for the MVP

- Salad (Spinach/Halloumi/Cashew/Tomatoes)
- Raw chocolacte cheescake (Banana/avocado/cacao/vanilla/almonds)
- Lunch lecture (first 15 minutes of a node.js online lecture)
- Vitamins

 Going through the Sociocratic Material
 Gather input for company structure and MVP

Great day! Not much real progress, but a strong sense of direction. Thanks to Paulina for helping me with food and training; Good work!


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