Feb 10, 2014

We are up and running

We are up and running

This is our first day! We have now an office in central Lund, Sweden.

We are Elias and Johan - two out of 5 partners who have mid-wifed this new company - are now working full time. Our three other partners, Daniel & Morten & Emil,  are cheering from the side line…

Johan in front of our planning board

The theme for the day was to get settled and start get going. We aim at working 9 - 15 and get a full days work done in this shorter span by using smarter ways of working.

Our day started with a guided meditation to prepare and set the state for the day. We used a primus meditation by Naisha Ahsian. Well worth looking up if you do not know her.

Then our partner Daniel came by with good news regarding a potential project/contact. He also presented us with small library of essential reading.

Elias reading a book from the pile

Johan facilitated a visual spatial planning of the journey this company will make - from the ideal state when all is materialised and back to today. With this we have a common strong feel for what is ahead.

We found a good flow during the day by alternating tasks in short sprints.

We also went shopping for some healthy food and snacks to keep up performance during the rest of the week.

Elias started the technical prestudy by examining a flexible, lightweight framework called DocPad. This looks promising to quickly set up a customizable and portable product.

"Over and out" from the first day!

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