Feb 13, 2014

Getting sociocracy into our DNA


It's me again, Elias. For this mornings exercise I had prepared a videoclip on a brain balancing Kundalini yoga session. It's just ten minutes but feels incredible.

We were fortunate enough to have James giving us some last advices on building a sociocratic foundation for our organization, before he went to Malmö in preparation for the workshop this weekend.
I also got the details on two very promising sociocratic software projects, that I'll definately will be looking into later.

During the afternoon, while Johan was working on our application to Sten K Johnsson, I managed to finally putting together the outlines of the technical pre study document. Criterias for the platform: Check!

Now we're packing our stuff together, tomorrows workday will be held outside office, at Johans place.

Until then,


Edit: Our lightweight office packed together
(techy stuff, yoga mat, tables & essential reading)

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