Feb 19, 2014



If yesterday was more about state management, catching up and preparations, today was more about making progress in the plan and finalizing tasks. Our shared google drive space is now efficiently sorted, and most of my working documents have the intended structure. I was also able to close a big uncertainty gap by checking out various javascript solutions for mindmap-like information visualization. I now feel confident that we've got the primary MVP functionality covered, and that I know enough to move ahead to implementation in the next sprint.

I'm very happy that Anders has expressed interest in joining us in our effort to create the online discussion tool/interactive manifesto platform for Initiativ Samutveckling. That's fantastic! I'm sure he's going to be a great help in our upcoming sprints.

Tomorrow I'm moving ahead to the theoretic pre-study which will cover the following topics:
collective intelligence, online discussions, argument analysis, social deliberative skill, social networks and more briefly: usability, user experience & responsive design.

From these fields I hope to gather some additional learnings that I will incorporate into our MVP.


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