Feb 18, 2014

The Sociocracy workshop & our MVP

Hello again, fellow readers!

This is a late post summarizing this weekends' three-day workshop on Sociocracy held at Sofielunds Folkets Hus in Malmö. On the first day we all (me, Johan, Daniel, Emil & Morten) attended the introduction to sociocracy including learning and practicing of some of the basic concepts (Consent decision making, the value of objections, PIE: Plan-Implement-EvaluateVMA: Vision-Mission-Aims), lead by eminent facilitators James P and Anna K. On the second (proposal forming, circle structure, roles) and third (Logbooks, Open Space) only Daniel and I was able to attend, but all of the workshops' participants joined forces giving us all a fine example of how Sociocracy and collective intelligence can really thrive in the right environment.

I got the chance to re-learn and practice some fundamental Sociocratic concepts and get a much clearer view on the whole set of tools. Now I'm just looking forward to shaping all this organizations policies with sociocratic principles! It's easy and beautiful!

Plus, last but not least, some very important new ideas regarding the shaping of our MVP (minimal viable product). I previously haven't had much time to describe the project I'm working on, so I think this would be a good time to give a brief introduction. I will give it in the form of VMA.

Vision (Why?):
A world where complex issues can be discussed freely online using open and effective systems to support clarity and focus; harvesting the wisdom of contributor's in an engaging, purposeful and organised way, enabling progressive discussions that synthesise and distill the collective intelligence.

Mission (How?):
By building and distributing a free software framework that's easily adoptable by any organisation, that really supports better conversations, is self organised, easy to use and fun to engage in.

Aim (What?):
Software for online conversations
Consultancy services
Customer relations circle
Research circle

(Edit: clarified the VMA after feedback)

That's all for now, I'll get back to the new ideas and solutions during the upcoming weeks.


Some key points from the Open Space on 
"How To Improve Online Conversations using Sociocracy"

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