Mar 14, 2014

Demo and a new sprint

Hi there!

We've held our second demo on wednesday evening. Emil, Morten, Johan, Anders and I participated. Unfortunately Daniel was sick and couldn't join. We presented the user interface mockup along with the actual system that me and Anders have been developing. We also discussed, among other things, new interface ideas, open source distribution and our current situation. The meeting was good and shows that we're on the right track but there's still a lot of possibilities to explore!

Mediem dashboard

On thursday we had a friendly and informative online meeting with one of the creators of Mediem. Noam, a really nice guy, showed us how their tool had been used in an inter-faith program for an american university and pointed out some important functions for better and more engaging conversations.

We've started the new sprint and hope to add user login functionality and a visual mind-map overview functionality to our platform during the upcoming week.


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