Mar 5, 2014

Feeding the feedback

In about two weeks we are planning on having the first round of trials with users within the IS project. It will be a minimal functionality available and the mock-up/UX demo will hopefully help to get a feel for what the potential/possibility of a more complete system will be.

We are eager to get engaged participants to feed back their ideas and experiences. One team in Stockholm and one here in Skåne. Some key questions to seek answers to will be:
  • How is the "feel" for the tool?
  • Is it inviting and easy to use?
  • Are the functionality solving the problems we try to adress?
  • Can you see the potentiality?
  • What happens with you as a result of using this form/tool?
  • How do you best learn and integrate with the current IS activities?
  • ...
What will the reactions be...? :)

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