Mar 3, 2014

Flex time fixed frame

This day we have a longer work day - adding two hours today and a few more days adjusting for J being out-of-office end of the week. It is also a good test to see what happens if we experiment with the daily frame in comparison with the weekly frame.

Daniel came by for a quick visit seeding ideas for how we can solve prolonged engagement beyond the first 2 months and also feeding back from the LiFT meeting in Trondheim where IS was represented by 8 members.

We are integrating Anders more and more in the work and had a Skype meeting in the afternoon.  He had been out of internet for the whole weekend - a black out in the whole neighborhood... It worked fine during first half of our call, but crashed for the last part when J and A were going to work on learning goals. New try tomorrow afternoon.


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