Mar 21, 2014

Morning-routines and authentications

I spent last week implementing comments to individual posts, running into a lot more trouble than expected, which turned out to be at least partly because of a typo I didn't think to check for. From this week forward, I'm paying more attention to such "trivial" details - lesson well learned!

Actually, this paying attention to things I tended to overlook before, is becoming something of a theme this week, hence this my first contribution to the blog (which I completely forgot in my quest for comments-functionality last week).

Today I started a new morning-routine, which I hope will help keep up my energy-levels, as well as my ability to focus, namely waking up an hour earlier, walking down to the ocean and just float around on my back for about 30 minutes before going back and turning on the computer. Not only does this help me relax and  deal with any internal issues I might have on my mind, but its also the best way to deal with the heat, which can be an issue here sometimes.

next I guess I should rethink my current diet, 2 pots of coffee/day cant be healthy, and I'm while I have been trying to provide myself with healthy snacks to keep my mouth busy when coding, I'm sure I could eat better.

So a lot of routine-related changes for me this week. But what about coding?

For now, the goal is to have a robust and safe login-feature in place as soon as possible. In the future, we would also like logins to be welcoming and user-friendly. Keeping this in mind, this morning we decided to use the library PassportJS, which will enable us to allow users to log in using Google/Facebook/Twitter etc. There are other libraries that offer the same functionality, we ended up choosing PassportJS largely due to the completeness of its documentation.

But security is a notoriously complicated aspect of the web, and even using a complete solution such as PassportJS, I'd say me and Elias are in for quite a bit of tutorials and head-scratching over the next few days.

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