Mar 11, 2014

Networking and connecting dots

The theme of the day has been connecting and reaching out:
  • We got a reply from Noam Shore at Idealogueinc who developed the Mediem tool used by Tim Murray & co. After bouncing a few emails fro and back we landed in a hangout on Thursday. It feels as if this could be the start of a good exchange and synergy!
  • Morten is game and will start to look how we can cultivate the Danish market/side in parallell to what we are doing in Sweden beyond the IS focus.
  • We had a Skype meeting with David Böhlmark, older brother to Anders, about the project. David was part of the IS delegation in Trondheim and we noticed a way in the conversation the overlapping networks and possibilities beyond the initial trials of this tool...
  • Tonight we will present the project to the IS community at the local IS café and hope to get a line of interested members.


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