May 1, 2014

(learning to) Modify Loomio, for realz!

Yesterday we had our first, very anticipated meeting with Rob from the Loomio dev-team.
Not only did this strengthen our determination in working with them, but Rob also maneged to shed some light onto the code-structure of the Loomio-app itself!

And boy-oboy was that welcome! 

Even so, I spent my entire day today just reading code, trying to make sense of what goes where. It's allot to take in, and it's quite overwhelming, at least for now. Here's hoping bells will start ringing soon,  I think if I can just get a "feeling" for where to find stuff, that'll be a great leap forward!

We still aren't really any closer to making our "prio 0" changes, but really, once we've understood the structure of it all, I think all of them could be done in a day or two.

The REAL "prio 0" is actually just understanding all of Loomio.

Meanwhile a domain is about to be registered, hopefully we'll be making a website soon, we need to look into solutions for that as well!

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