Apr 28, 2014

Shape Shifting... starting to take form... the wave is rising...

Hi everybody,

This is a late blog from the sideline for Thursday last week. I have not been operative this sprint, since I have decided to focus on my health and well-being and will have a sabbatical/retreat until August. However, I will still be available on the strategic level and help ferry our organism unto its potential.

A short reflection upon not being active this sprint is that I felt a slight abstinence of all the good state work we had gotten into our bones. I noticed that I felt an urge to have the start of the day with a qi-gong/meditation/yoga... To "only" work 6 hours and long for it... and to have the warmth of colleagues to share the day (as a consultant I know it is a hell of a difference to work for, than to work with)... and the pleasure of the flow-like high performance from focused sprints... This I take with me on my healing journey for myself.

This Thursday we had a workshop and a Demo planned for the day.

The theme for the WS is our Brand Platform and Johan H had done a good work in preparing the two parts; The condensation of what Evolute is in terms of a brand and second half the graphic representation of Evolute. We were all but Emil represented at the start (Emil joined after lunch), so the whole team were present - Anders and Morten on Skype and the rest of the gang in the room.

A short kria yoga and off we went for the first part with the Brand - Johan H walked us through his compilation from what he had gathered so far of what Evolute is - and it was cool to hear what came out. The form is getting sharper and sharper! The Brand is now condensed in 5 headings and we will take the next step by making this available for our first circle to see what we get back. Good work Johan H!

The second half was spent on the aesthetic part of how to communicate what Evolute is - Johan H had a speed dating session showing pictures and graphic examples of logotypes and formats etc. Really cool for a lay man to experience this wide approach based on concepts in order to find out what expressions that may speak to you... and it did speak :)

At four thirty we rounded off the WS and adjourned until six fifteen for the demo meeting. I left and went for a zen sitting completely emptying my head...

Well back for the Demo meeting of Sprint 5 we were hosted by Elias who aimed for guiding us through all the topics on the agenda within 2 hours. See the agenda below... And as a summary comment would be that after 2 hours all was ticked off...

...Thank you all guys for a rich and productive day!


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