Apr 17, 2014

Workshop and a Loomio production server

Hi folks!

Yesterday we had and important but a bit unstructured workshop on our offering, infographics and name.
Johan T, Johan H, myself and a sleepy Daniel started the day with a wonderful Qi-gong outside in the sun!

I think we're getting closer to a solid identity but some work still remains before we are there.

"Evolute" is still the best name suggestion even though a suitable available URL is still lacking. Other suggestions are "Co-evolute" and "Co-space".

I have created a amazon web services account and plan to have a Loomio production server up and running in this sprint. Some iS!-modifications on Loomio are also neccessary before we can start or first exploratory end-user tests. These were idenitified last week during a productive session with the codeveloper Caroline Görtz.

I'm taking a mini-holiday now. Happy Easter everyone! It will be a busy next week.

All my love

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