May 26, 2014

New Sprint focus Almedalsveckan

Hello folks!

A new sprint started last week. We'll have full focus on our release on Almedalsveckan.
Anders and I are picking up development speed. New priorities are starting to form.

Todays meeting with Per Hörberg will be important, as will our initial beta test which will officially start tomorrow during my meeting with Caroline Görtz. These two will be guiding for how we will spend our next 5 weeks.

We also had a nice video call with Noam from Idealogue today. We are on the same wavelength and can swap ideas and experiences across the atlantic. Really nice!

Now it's time for a coffee in the sun!

May 19, 2014

Time and timing


Status update: We have a working production server and some progress on the most prioritized modifications for iS! We're still lacking a web page.

I expect some of my time during the rest of the Sprint to be dedicated to organizational matters, so I feel like I'm a little bit behind in my work. It seems like I need to focus very much on communication and planning these days, any yet it's not enough somehow.

That being said, I feel we have a lot of things to be happy about at the moment. Things are really looking good in terms of opportunities and possibilities. The time is right for Evolute and people seem to like what we do.


May 15, 2014

for whom the bell tolls

These last few days, bells have finally been starting to ring, and while not "clear", I feel I can at least understand the essential parts of Loomios workings.

So lets put these new understandings to practice!

I started out experimenting with a few of the prio-0 modifications of loomio on the virtual machine. changing the logo, removing a few links etc.

And it works! The new logo turned out a bit over-sized, but a nice,purple, iS!-logo was displayed at the top of the page! While not perfect,certainly good enough to begin with:

I continued to remove some links, with a few bizarre failures to begin with, but soon enough I could figure out what I was doing wrong.

Ah, a good start today!

But changes to loomio on my localhost isn't really good for anything other than learning, so I went ahead and made the same changes to the actual server, starting with just the logo.

said and done, server updated, time for a test. unfortunatly, login was no longer possible, in fact, displaying the login-page stopped working altogether...ok something went wrong...but what?

Obviously, something is different from the app hosted on Heroku, than the app hosted on our virtual machine(I'm pretty sure I followed the same procedure in both cases,but with different outcomes..I may have to try again to verify this..)

 Actually there are 3 obvious differences, however it is less obvious which one is causing the problem(if either):

  • poduction vs development environment
  • assets served directly vs via AWS
  • heroku vs localhost
I'm thinking the problem probably comes from either of the first two, but I cant be sure right now...I'll have to investigate further tomorrow...

 for now, I'm back to feeling confused.damit..

May 13, 2014

Passing a milestone

Hi again!

We are now three days into the new sprint. On Friday we've summed up our impressions from the sprint demo on Thursday and did a sprint prioritization and planning for the upcoming two weeks.
We've also registered two domains: &

Focus for this sprint is
 - Get Loomio production server running
 - Investigate Loomios angular branch
 - Implement Prio-0 iS modifications
 - Create meta-pages for iS loomio app
 - Create an initial web page for Evolute
 - Produce/Translate content for our web/ presentation document
 - Keeping up our connections to the outside world

Luckily the Loomio production server is finally running! Yesterdays breakthrough made us pass a minor milestone and we can now set up specialized Loomio instances.

It still needs a little more configuration to work but we're getting there. Now we just need to tackle the rest of our tasks :)

Yesterday also included a website kick-off meeting with Hillebjörk. I think we're pretty soon going to see some drafts live on our website. Also I hear that Anders is progressing with Loomios Angular branch... You'll probably hear more about that later.

Have a nice day!

May 5, 2014

Creating gravitation


We're almost ready to register a domain and get a basic page up on the web.
Today, I've examined some bootstrap templates to get a responsive page running quick.

Also, I'm invited to talk at Pecha Kucha Malmö on wednesday:
This will be the first public presentation of our project. I'm very excited!

May 2, 2014

Weaving new plans, standing still and pushing forward

Dear reader,

Do you know about deploying your Ruby on Rails app to Heroku? Using Amazon Web Services to store user submitted content and handling assets?

It's neat. But when stuff don't work as expected it can be really tough to decipher what the problem is. So we're still without a running production instance of Loomio :(

On another note: new plans for our platform is taking form. Daniel has intelligently deviced a city metaphor for the network-based, self-organized, collective intelligence platform that we aim to build.
Clarifying what we want to achieve and putting complex design into words is both crucial and a beautiful gift to our project at this stage.

Also, plans for our website and company structure is progressing. A lot of different streams running in the same direction making up the river of Evolute.

Float on!

May 1, 2014

(learning to) Modify Loomio, for realz!

Yesterday we had our first, very anticipated meeting with Rob from the Loomio dev-team.
Not only did this strengthen our determination in working with them, but Rob also maneged to shed some light onto the code-structure of the Loomio-app itself!

And boy-oboy was that welcome! 

Even so, I spent my entire day today just reading code, trying to make sense of what goes where. It's allot to take in, and it's quite overwhelming, at least for now. Here's hoping bells will start ringing soon,  I think if I can just get a "feeling" for where to find stuff, that'll be a great leap forward!

We still aren't really any closer to making our "prio 0" changes, but really, once we've understood the structure of it all, I think all of them could be done in a day or two.

The REAL "prio 0" is actually just understanding all of Loomio.

Meanwhile a domain is about to be registered, hopefully we'll be making a website soon, we need to look into solutions for that as well!