May 15, 2014

for whom the bell tolls

These last few days, bells have finally been starting to ring, and while not "clear", I feel I can at least understand the essential parts of Loomios workings.

So lets put these new understandings to practice!

I started out experimenting with a few of the prio-0 modifications of loomio on the virtual machine. changing the logo, removing a few links etc.

And it works! The new logo turned out a bit over-sized, but a nice,purple, iS!-logo was displayed at the top of the page! While not perfect,certainly good enough to begin with:

I continued to remove some links, with a few bizarre failures to begin with, but soon enough I could figure out what I was doing wrong.

Ah, a good start today!

But changes to loomio on my localhost isn't really good for anything other than learning, so I went ahead and made the same changes to the actual server, starting with just the logo.

said and done, server updated, time for a test. unfortunatly, login was no longer possible, in fact, displaying the login-page stopped working altogether...ok something went wrong...but what?

Obviously, something is different from the app hosted on Heroku, than the app hosted on our virtual machine(I'm pretty sure I followed the same procedure in both cases,but with different outcomes..I may have to try again to verify this..)

 Actually there are 3 obvious differences, however it is less obvious which one is causing the problem(if either):

  • poduction vs development environment
  • assets served directly vs via AWS
  • heroku vs localhost
I'm thinking the problem probably comes from either of the first two, but I cant be sure right now...I'll have to investigate further tomorrow...

 for now, I'm back to feeling confused.damit..

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