May 13, 2014

Passing a milestone

Hi again!

We are now three days into the new sprint. On Friday we've summed up our impressions from the sprint demo on Thursday and did a sprint prioritization and planning for the upcoming two weeks.
We've also registered two domains: &

Focus for this sprint is
 - Get Loomio production server running
 - Investigate Loomios angular branch
 - Implement Prio-0 iS modifications
 - Create meta-pages for iS loomio app
 - Create an initial web page for Evolute
 - Produce/Translate content for our web/ presentation document
 - Keeping up our connections to the outside world

Luckily the Loomio production server is finally running! Yesterdays breakthrough made us pass a minor milestone and we can now set up specialized Loomio instances.

It still needs a little more configuration to work but we're getting there. Now we just need to tackle the rest of our tasks :)

Yesterday also included a website kick-off meeting with Hillebjörk. I think we're pretty soon going to see some drafts live on our website. Also I hear that Anders is progressing with Loomios Angular branch... You'll probably hear more about that later.

Have a nice day!

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