May 2, 2014

Weaving new plans, standing still and pushing forward

Dear reader,

Do you know about deploying your Ruby on Rails app to Heroku? Using Amazon Web Services to store user submitted content and handling assets?

It's neat. But when stuff don't work as expected it can be really tough to decipher what the problem is. So we're still without a running production instance of Loomio :(

On another note: new plans for our platform is taking form. Daniel has intelligently deviced a city metaphor for the network-based, self-organized, collective intelligence platform that we aim to build.
Clarifying what we want to achieve and putting complex design into words is both crucial and a beautiful gift to our project at this stage.

Also, plans for our website and company structure is progressing. A lot of different streams running in the same direction making up the river of Evolute.

Float on!

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