Jun 24, 2014



We're building the plane while flying. Every minute counts, but I'd still like to share a few sentences from Integral Life Practice chapter about Ethics:

Am I responsible for the behaviour of the organization for which I work? For the institution I belong to? My community? My culture at large? My nation?
  Clearly, I have less and less ability to personally determine the behaviour or larger and larger groups. And yet, these groups have no locus of responsibility other than their individual members. If I have no responsibility, then neither does anyone else. That doesn't fly. No way around it, we each do have some real and crucial responsibility.

Think about the possibility to engage in your different organization. And how you can activate the other participants. How can you bring forward the best ideas, and make the most democratic and well-informed decisions?

Jun 9, 2014


Hi again!

As you might have noticed, our blogging has been set aside due to a hectic sprint with few workdays and lots to do. We'll try to do better in this sprint.

Elias, Johan H and Anders have all been on vacation the last sprint, still we managed to produce an amazing output:

- Initiativ Samutveckling got their web platform (beta) running: app.samutveckling.se
- Evolute got a first draft of web page up: evolutesystems.org
- Continued and increased cooperation with the Almedalen organizers in iS!
- Continued cooperation with Mads from Alternativet

We're going to focus this sprint on maximizing impact on Almedalen and providing the best kind of experience for the users of iS! web platform.

Today we examined a location for a future office in Norra Sorgenfri, Malmö. Looks very promising!
Also meetings with Caroline, and Elin (iS!). Tomorrow I'll be off to Germany but I'm looking forward to wednesday when Anders will be visiting.

Enjoy the summer evening!
 / Elias